Funny cat sculpture by Small Company Artworks

"Everything Here Belongs to Me" lap cat sculpture

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Cat owners know the moment captured by this funny, cast-stone sculpture: a cat has taken over the lap... and the book and coffee the person holds. With a tail draped across the book, the cat inspects the mug. I hope the person didn't want to read... or drink from the mug. Because everything here belongs to the cat.

This sculpture is No. 12 in an edition limited to 100. No more will be cast of this design after the limited edition closes.

Original, handmade sculpture crafted from Hydro-Stone and finished with a rich, black wax and protective varnish. Cast-stone has a dense, cool surface and substantial weight, making this a satisfying sculpture to handle and examine closely, or admire from across the room.

Size: 2.5" long x 3.25" wide x 3.75" high (6.3cm x 8.2cm x 9.5cm)

Ships in a decorative gift box with title card for easy gift-giving, with complimentary shipping in the U.S.